Chicken with orange and raisins

40 MINUTS min


40 MINUTS persons




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  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 2 oranges
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Soya sauce
  • Honey
  • Cornflour
  • Raisins
  • Red vermouth
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onion
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coriander

Step by step

  1. Step 1

    Squeeze the oranges and pour the juice and pulp into a bowl. Add 2 chopped cloves of garlic, 4 spoonfuls of soya sauce, 2 spoonfuls of honey, a dash of red vermouth, black pepper, salt, olive oil and 2 spoonfuls of cornflour. Blend well, making sure all the cornflour has dissolved, and put by.

    Clean the chicken breasts and cut into pieces. Chop up half an onion and gently fry in olive oil. When it turns clear, add the chopped chicken. Add salt and pepper and let it brown.

    Add the orange juice and a handful of raisins. Once it boils, turn down the heat and let it reduce. Add more salt if necessary, together with a spoonful of fresh chopped coriander.

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