Beat the heat with nut drinks… and whatever you fancy!

23 July 2019

If the scorching sun shows no sign of letting up, it’s vital to keep yourself well hydrated. Besides water, there are also several other natural, tasty options for quenching your thirst. Like delicious plant-based drinks, for example. Whether almond, hazelnut or walnut, a Borges plant-based drink is always a great ally for hydrating yourself. With 0% lactose, gluten free and no added sugars, these drinks are carefully made to keep all the nutritional goodness of the top nuts scrupulously selected by Borges experts.

You can drink them with ice cubes, cocoa powder, tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice, such as those bananas that need eating up, that last slice of watermelon or that ripe peach. Or even with a scoop of ice cream! There’s nothing like throwing a bit of whatever you fancy into a glass of a plant-based drink to give your body the taste it’s been craving!

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