The best sauces made with extra-virgin olive oil

2 April 2019

There’s no end of mouthwatering sauces!

Mayonnaise. Extra-virgin olive oil, eggs and some good wrist action. It’s not often you get something this delicious so quickly.

Chimichurri. Chilli, pepper, garlic, lemon and oregano team up with our trusty extra-virgin olive oil to make this firm favourite at every Argentinian barbecue.

Mojo picón. This tasty sauce from the Canary Islands comes in two versions: red and green. They’re both amazing, thanks in no short measure to their healthy dose of extra-virgin olive oil.

Pesto. Who wouldn’t give their kingdom for this heavenly delight? Made with garlic, pine nuts and basil, it turns a humble pasta dish into something very special.

Aglio e olio. Take some spaghetti, good-quality extra-virgin olive oil and garlic and hey presto! Food fit for the gods.

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