When is the best time to eat pasta?

8 May 2019

We live in enlightening times when it comes to food and nutrition, with scientific research steadily disproving many traditionally held beliefs, such as the old chestnut that carbohydrates are fattening, especially at dinnertime.

Although it’s certainly true that it’s best not to eat huge portions of carbohydrates for your evening meal—when you won’t have much opportunity to burn them off—eating them in small amounts, together with vegetables and other light foods, helps keep glucose levels steady and means you won’t wake up feeling hungry during the night.

In fact, pasta is ideal at any time of day—even for breakfast if that’s what you’re craving! You’re best to go for thicker, richer sauces at lunchtime and lighter versions at dinnertime. How about a small portion of pasta with extra-virgin olive oil, a teaspoonful of grated Parmesan and stir-fried vegetables? A healthy, tasty recipe that your body will thank you for. Go for it!

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