Amazing combinations with olive oil

1 October 2019

On the one hand there are explosive couples, and on the other there are predicable partnerships. Some people work well together despite their differences, whereas others were always meant for each other. Likewise, some of these food combinations are more akin to couples like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, while others mirror the ever characteristic and inseparable Beckhams.

Bread with olive oil. The Victoria and David Beckham of the food world, two lovely ingredients that are a match made in heaven.

Chocolate and olive oil. A couple that takes after that young Liz Taylor who married Richard Burton twice even though their relationship was tempestuous to say the least. They’re delicious on their own, but unbelievably explosive and sensual when thrown together.

Fruit and olive oil. How about a banana and strawberry or grape and fig brochette generously drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil? Of course! They’re the Marilyn Monroe and John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the food world: a sexy couple who kept out of the limelight but oozed charisma in private.

Juice and olive oil. A dash of olive oil in your green smoothie is the gastronomic equivalent of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: nobody thought they’d last five minutes and yet they’re still together, showing the world that combinations that might look strange at first sight can have a wonderful future ahead of them.

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