Tip: simple (but cute) ways to decorate festive dishes

18 December 2014

Do you feel a cold sweat across your forehead when you have a dinner or a special lunch at home because you do not know how to decorate the table? Relax and pay attention to these simple tips. You will succeed!

1) Think of a way to decorate the table: a cloth or a gauze on toast or white shades will add a festive touch, different than usual. The table runners are always very stylish too and if you choose light colors they will provide a touch of class.

2) Use saucers, a decorative piece that will give a stylish touch to your celebrations. If you choose gold or silver colors they will dress the table without recharging it. The crockery should be always white. Clean and elegant, it enhances any elaboration. If you also put on every dish a cinnamon stick with a colored ribbon or red rose petals, you will see how good it looks.

3) Candles never fail. They add brightness, intimacy, mystery, glamour or whatever you need to the evening. Yes, choose golden or brown tones for celebrations. If you prefer a centerpiece remember to be courteous in colors and try to keep the harmony with the other elements.

4) Nuts like walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts and dried fruit can also become beautiful and original decorative element. Combine them in a large bowl or in a large beaker and use it as a centerpiece.

5) Bread is another food that can be very attractive in a festive table. Place bread sticks (kind of crusty bread, thin and long) overlapped in the empty plates and decorate each course with a different specialty, like olives or nuts and raisins bread.

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