The key to eating more vegetables is… Presentation!

29 October 2018

Some troublemaker once spread the rumour that vegetables are boring. In fact, there’s nothing easier, or indeed sexier, than a dish of multicoloured vegetables. Even though you might end up boiling or sautéing them, they can still put on quite a display. Here are a few ideas on how to present vegetables with panache to get you going.

Crudités. It might take you a while to cut thin sticks of carrot, celery and courgette and then arrange them attractively on a plate, but it’s well worth it. And you’re almost there: simply serve them with a range of sauces (hummus, melted cheese, guacamole…) and you’ve got a mouthwatering starter.

Fillings. There’s nothing like a lovely baked courgette, aubergine or pumpkin stuffed with an exciting filling to get your juices flowing…

Bibimbap. The word may be new to you, but a bibimbap is a Korean dish of white rice topped off with strips of meat and multicoloured vegetables and an egg in the middle. All arranged as beautifully as a Kandinsky painting. Food as art.

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