Enjoy Mediterranean diet… anywhere!

6 November 2018

One of the joys of the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the marvel that is olive oil, highly valued for its numerous health benefits, including its well-known cardiovascular properties. A dash of olive oil can give any dish a Mediterranean flavour. It’s as easy as that! Simply drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil over a salad, onto some bread or into a vegetable stir-fry to create that unmistakable Mediterranean touch. It works with any dish from anywhere in the world!

In cooking, as in life, a little imagination gets you a long way. Mixing in some Mediterranean soul into your diet, wherever you might be, brings you two things for sure: flavour and health. So get creative with vinaigrettes for recipes from all over the world, pasta, fish and meat dishes and give your heart a treat: the jewel of the Mediterranean diet, a wonderful source of heart-friendly fats. How about starting today?

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