Ten Commandments to enjoy the Mediterranean diet

8 October 2019

Follow these Ten Commandments and reap the rewards of the Mediterranean diet.

1 – The fat in your diet should always come from olive oil.
2 – Fruit and vegetables should account for 50% of your daily food intake; carbohydrates should make up 25%; and the remaining 25% should consist of high-quality proteins.
3 – Avoid highly processed foods.
4 – Only eat red meat once a week at most.
5 – Eat blue fish regularly, at least three times a week.
6 – Eat white meat, such as chicken, no more than twice a week.
7 – Do regular moderate exercise.
8 – Eat nuts.
9 – Opt for local, seasonal produce and follow homemade recipes.
10 – Grill, bake or steam food rather than frying it.

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