First olives of the season make the best olive oil

5 February 2019

The top extra-virgin olive oils are those made from the very first olives of the season. For the growing number of keen olive oil fans, the delicious, healthy result is pure ambrosia. Since it is made from olives that haven’t yet fully ripened, that is, ones that are still green (which is why it is also known as green olive oil), it packs a powerful punch on all the senses. It has a fruity flavour and aroma evocative of green olive leaves, fresh grass, tomatoes and fig trees, which makes it ideal for eating raw. And it has a striking, deep green colour.

The olives specially chosen for this very select extra-virgin olive oil are cold-pressed at under 27 ºC to capture and retain all their goodness. Pure and simple olive juice. Extra-virgin olive oil from the first olives of the season strikes a delicate taste balance between spicy, sweet and bitter and has a higher concentration of polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

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