Flavoured ice cubes for refreshing summer teas

15 June 2017

Summer’s here and you fancy a mid-afternoon drink, either at home or in a bar. But your strive to get beach ready rules out a cheeky little beer. So why not try a lovely and refreshing iced tea or herbal tea? Black tea, lime-flower tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, herbal teas and other diuretics such as horsetail tea will cool you down and quench your thirst without putting on any pounds, as they’re calorie free. A neat trick for an unique taste is to add homemade fruit-juice ice cubes, especially ones with citrus fruit: you can’t beat a refreshing green tea (which also helps you lose weight) with a couple of lemon or lime ice cubes. Simply freeze fruit juice directly or dilute it with a little water.

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