Can you freeze olive oil? (and why would you…?)

21 February 2019

We’re used to freezing all kinds of raw and cooked foods, so it’s not surprising that many people wonder whether they can freeze olive oil. The answer is yes.

Olive oil can go off for a number of reasons, such as not putting the top back on the bottle properly and not storing it under cool, dark conditions. So if you want to keep your olive oil in optimal conditions for as long as possible, make sure you store it in the right place.

One way of conserving olive oil is to freeze it. Don’t forget that olive oil is not a homogenous liquid, but is made out of triglycerides and fatty acids that crystallise at different temperatures. As a result, cloudy droplets will form until it freezes completely. Freezing olive oil affects neither properties nor its quality.

Defreeze well in advance without exposing it to heat.

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