Freezing vegetables without losing their properties

10 March 2015

We are often wary of freezing vegetables, but this fear is totally unfounded. There’s nothing better than buying vegetables in season, when they’re at their prime, and freezing them properly to ensure they keep all their goodness.

First you need to wash them thoroughly and remove any damaged bits. Next you should blanch them by boiling them for a couple of minutes in water with lemon juice and then plunging them into cold water. Next dry them and put into sealed bags or containers. Don’t forget to label them clearly and consume within three months.

Although some people happily freeze all the vegetables they can get their hands on, we don’t recommend freezing carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, courgette, leek, cauliflower, cucumber or aubergine, although they can all be frozen once cooked, such as in a purée.

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