Four dishes where Garlic olive oil makes all the difference

16 April 2019

The unmistakeable hint of garlic in Borges Garlic olive oil will turn some of your recipes into unforgettable dishes. Here are some suggestions:

Do you like roast meat? It’s high time you added a dash of this olive oil to your turkey, chicken, lamb or beef. It also works wonders with fish.

Do you love vinaigrettes? If you’re someone who likes making sauces for everything, this olive oil can bring out the flavour of grilled vegetables, salads and those cold pasta and pulse dishes that save the day in summer.

Let’s hear it for homemade pizza! Friday nights taste better with a dash of this olive oil.

Wok power! If you love stir-fries and are always using your wok to liven up your vegetables, don’t think twice: this olive oil will boost the flavour of your dishes 100%.

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