Tips for the scariest Halloween ever

26 October 2021

At Halloween anything and everything goes, and you can use scary food for extra frights, before tucking in yourself, obviously. Follow these simple tips for a deliciously creepy Halloween. 

Cut a spooky face, with scary eyes and mouth, out of a thin slice of cheese. Serve on top of a burger in an open bun so that it melts before your very eyes. 

A black olive on top of half a hardboiled egg makes a terrifying all-seeing eye.  

Cut a banana in half, add a couple of chocolate drops for eyes and you’ve got yourself a bewitching ghost you’ll have second thoughts about eating. 

For dessert, write RIP in melted chocolate on a whole series of rectangular biscuits to make an impressive graveyard you can then set about devouring with relish. 

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