Healthy and scary recipes for Halloween

22 October 2019

Looking for scary recipes for your Halloween table? Here are some terrifyingly delicious dishes.

Pumpkin with guacamole. Hollow out the pumpkin in time-honoured fashion (if you’re feeling lazy, just buy a round pumpkin and draw a scary mouth and eyes on it with a marker pen, although, be warned, the effect really isn’t the same). Make some guacamole and arrange it on a tray so that it appears to be coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth. Arghhh!

Terrifying mandarin oranges. Simply draw on a scary mouth and eyes with a marker pen and serve on a tray as a dessert. Help!

Ghostly bananas. Peel, cut in half and arrange vertically on a tray so that they look like ghosts. Add some eyes and a mouth: look in any pastry shop or even the supermarket, or paint them on with melted chocolate. Just make sure you don’t get left alone with them…

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