Healthy tips with walnut drink

23 February 2021

You already know that walnuts are among the healthiest foods around. Just one glass of 100% plant-based walnut drink contains as no fewer than 5 walnuts. Here are some quick and easy ideas to make the most of it.

1 – The basics. Enjoy a whole glass of walnut drink to really savour its great taste and benefit from all its goodness. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, those 5 walnuts provide exactly the recommended daily amount to keep your heart healthy.

2 – Drizzle walnut drink over a refreshing fruit salad, with apples, mango, cranberries, strawberries… Top off with some granola, a mint leaf, grated coconut or even some lemon sorbet. Irresistible!

3 – Use it to make a tasty béchamel sauce for a lasagne. Whether tuna or chicken, once you’ve tried a delicious lasagne with walnut drink, it’s sure to be your new favourite recipe!

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