How to get back in shape after the Christmas holidays

27 December 2019

Very easy. Simply follow these handy hints and you’ll be back in shape in no time at all.

  • Wave goodbye to alcohol. Alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juice, both fresh and packaged (yes, fresh fruit juice is packed with free sugars) are your enemies from now on. Your allies are water, herbal teas, coffee and, of course, healthy, nutritional plant-based drinks. ⛔️
  • Daily exercise. Make sure you walk at least 45 minutes every day: not only will you benefit from a walk, you’ll also get some physical exercise. More on this in February. ‍♀️ ‍♂️
  • Buy food from the market. Avoid the supermarket and buy fresh, local produce, especially fruit and vegetables. ‍
  • Freeze like there’s no tomorrow. Put leftovers in a freezer bag for use later in the year. Otherwise, you’ll be eating calorie-packed Christmas food all January, when you should be eating vegetables.
  • Fruit for dessert, not dairy products (except sugar-free natural yogurts), cakes or biscuits. That way, you’ll avoid getting indigestion and won’t feel so bloated.

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