Ingredients for a healthy Easter

6 April 2020

There’s no need for Easter to be a time for eating lots of fried food and high-calorie meals. Spain has lots of typical recipes for healthy dishes you can whip up with only a few basic ingredients.

Extra-virgin olive oil

In stews (cod and tomato or cod and chickpeas), light and airy salt-cod fritters (buñuelos de bacalao) or sweet fritters (torrijas and pestiños). Get a healthy boost of heart-friendly fats!

Plant-based drinks

Did you know that you can used plant-based drinks instead of milk in lots of traditional Spanish Easter recipes? Your leche frita and torrijas will never have tasted so good!


Crush them up and sprinkle on top of your favourite dessert for an original finish. Buñuelos, pestiños, rosquillas, monas, torrijas… Irresistible!

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