How to make a porridge with non-dairy milk

27 May 2019

Have you ever had porridge? We reveal all the secrets of this recipe of Celtic origin, one of the healthiest breakfasts we can have.

Although the name may seem like a very complicated dish, it’s actually as simple as simmering oatmeal in water or in a nut drink, such as hazelnut, almond or walnut. When we obtain a mixture similar to a mash, we serve it in a bowl and add the condiments we like the most: fruits, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts…

Porridge is very popular in the United States and England but now the trend has reached other countries. However, it is not something new, as porridge has been cooked since the Middle Ages: in this case, the innovation lies in the diversity of complements that are added to it. Give porridge with non-dairy milk a try!

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