The secret to a healthier diet

9 January 2020

Extra virgin olive oil is part of almost all formulas that have to do with a healthy diet.

It is the king, the champion, the benchmark. And among its culinary applications, one of the healthiest is the one that uses the oven instead of the frying pan. Even for frying, because it reduces the caloric contribution of cooked food by more than half.

Pre-frozen, ready-to-fry French fries have been slightly fried before they are sold, so the layer of fat they contain can be used to advantage if you put them in the oven at a high temperature for a few minutes until they are crisp. You can do the same with the pre-frozen croquettes, fish sticks and pasties: put them on a tray lightly oiled so that they do not stick together and turn them over halfway through cooking.

There are more possibilities. A chicken with vegetables, for example, will come out very juicy after putting it in a container all together with enough oil at a gentle temperature for an hour and a half. And if you like eggs, put them with vegetables in a pan in the oven at a mild temperatura. It will be extra delicious!

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