Steamed vegetables only need one extra ingredient: extra-virgin olive oil

6 August 2019

Steaming is a wonderful way to cook almost any vegetable. Since they’re cooked gently, they keep all their goodness and lose none of their tasty appearance.

There’s nothing healthier than grabbing a handful of seasonal vegetables—which is when they’re at their best, creating an explosion of flavours and aromas on your plate—putting them in the steamer and waiting a few minutes until they’re ready: take them out when they’re still slightly al dente. It’s a quick and easy option for cooking multicoloured vegetables for a delicious cold salad. Magic!

There are a thousand and one ways to do with steamed vegetables:

* You can gently fry them in garlic with a dash of extra-virgin olive oil and then lightly fry them some more to bring out the flavours.

* Or drizzle extra-virgin olive oil directly on top, with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

* Or how about making a vinaigrette with a spoonful of honey and mustard or lemon juice for an irresistible salad?

Here’s a handy hint if you steam broccoli or cauliflower: instead of throwing the stems away, chop them up in fine slices and add to your salads.

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