Sweet and healthy Halloween recipes

29 October 2019

You can have delicious food without the need for lots of sugar or any other unhealthy additives. By way of proof, here are three terrifying tasty and healthy Halloween recipes:

Cobweb pancakes. Make some traditional pancakesbut swap cow’s milk for a glass of hazelnut drink and use birch sugar instead of regular sugar. Decorate with a cobweb shape using melted dark chocolate (either pipe it on or paint it on using a thin brush). Now, where did you put that plastic spider…?

Light-as-air fritters. Although usually made with flour and water, they are even tastier if you use almond drink in place of some of the water. Manna from heaven! The hardest part is resisting the urge to wolf them down all at once!

A terrifying tart. Simply make a sponge cake (or buy one if you don’t fancy making your own) and cover it completely with white chocolate mixed with walnut drink to thin it out a bit. Finish off with a pool of blood made with dark red food colouring. Arghhh!

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