Tip for a healthy diet

12 June 2019

Adding fun, colour, flavour and originality to your diet, as well as putting a smile on your face, has never been easier, thanks to the endless possibilities offered by dressings. You can liven up your chargrilled vegetables (add a dash of aromatic olive oil with soya and ginger and you’ll be blown away), bring out the flavour of a refreshing summer salad with avocado (try aromatic olive oil with lemon zest, for example), add extra colour to a Caprese salad with some delicious tomatoes in season (a fresh basil dressing will work wonders), or marinate meat or fish for the grill (get out the aromatic olive oil with fried garlic).

There are endless possible combinations, depending on the ingredients you have to hand and how inspired you’re feeling! So put on your apron and get to work creating new dishes combining the unparalleled flavour of seasonal food with the delicate, original touch of Borges aromatic olive oils. Feeling creative? Start by revamping your summer salads with different Borges aromatic olive oils, such as fresh rosemary or black olives. Let your imagination run wild!

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