Tip: How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin

29 October 2014

Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, pumpkins invade us during fall. We may like it in a creamy soup, but maybe not so much on Halloween. Let’s put it this way: emptying a pumpkin with children, nephews or little cousins ​​may solve a cold, rainy long afternoon at home. And after the craft, we can cook the remaining pulp. Deal?

To do so, we’ll need a rather large round pumpkin, a small knife for the incisions and a larger one for the top, one spoon to empty the vegetable, and a pen and a paper to design the face. First we draw and cut and paste the design on the pumpkin. Then we cut a slightly sloping piece on the top and we empty it all with patience and a spoon. Finally, we go over the eyes and mouth with care and small knife. Now we just have to put a candle inside, light it and see the result. Trick or treat? Trick, of course!

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