How to use up leftover chocolate after Easter

21 March 2018

Easter is a time of year when you can take a (quick) breath and finally welcome the end of winter. Not to mention the eagerly awaited opportunity for young and old alike to indulge in a veritable feast of chocolate in all its different shapes, sizes and consistencies. But then Easter is over, and what are you supposed to do with any leftover chocolate? There are some suggestions.

1 – Cake pops

It’s no surprise that kids go wild for these cake balls on skewers. And they couldn’t be easier to make: simply crush some digestive biscuits together with some cream cheese, shape the mixture into balls, skewer them and coat with some melted chocolate (use your Easter leftovers plus a little butter). Et voilà! Delicious chocolate cake pops. Top off with some coloured sprinkles for an irresistible finish.

2 – Chocolate mousse

An ideal dessert for any occasion, chocolate mouse is the perfect way to finish off any meal. No-one in their right mind ever says no. All you need is sugar, eggs, butter and leftover chocolate. And anyone whose knees start to tremble at the thought of baking needn’t worry: you don’t need to use an oven! It always turns out delicious every time.

3- Biscuits

Make some chocolate shavings to use on any pastries you’ve got in the house, from biscuits to fairy cakes, croissants or brioches. Give them a chocolate topping and they’ll be utterly irresistible!

4 – Bread with chocolate, olive oil and salt

Not only one of the simplest desserts around but also one of the easiest too, as it combines three ingredients whose flavours blend together to perfection. Start with some thin slices of toast—you can make it at home by baking some hard bread in the oven at 180 ºC for 15 minutes—put the chocolate on top (either just as it is, melted or in thin slices) and finish off with a pinch of coarse salt. Pure delight.

5 – Hot chocolate

What better teatime snack than a mug of hot chocolate? And how about some sponge fingers to dip into it? Finger-licking good.

6 – Mug cakes

There are thousands of ways to make microwave sponge cakes as a quick and easy alternative to doing battle with the oven. And if you’re wanting to use up some leftover chocolate, add it to some crushed biscuits, eggs and a dash of sugar. Finish off with a handful of nuts and you’re onto a winner.

7 – Milkshakes

We’ve got the Americans to thank for this delicious invention, made by whipping together milk, chocolate and cream. And if you want to take things up a notch, try swapping the milk for ice cream. Very naughty but very nice.

8 – Fruit fondues

Simply melt some leftover chocolate in a bowl that will keep it warm, chop up some fruit (kiwi, banana, strawberries, oranges…), skewer them well and dip into the melted chocolate. If you don’t have a fondue set to keep the chocolate warm and stop it solidifying, make some fruit brochettes and give them a chocolate coating. Want to hear a secret? If you add a scoop of ice cream—we recommend vanilla—the chocolate turns solid and you’ve got your dream dessert right there in front of your very eyes. Try it and see…

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