Vegetables and nuts, the perfect garnish

7 January 2019

Want to liven up your meat or fish dishes with something other than the same old salad, potatoes or rice? How about a fun, colourful and nutritional combination of vegetables and nuts? Read on…

  • Some spinach sautéed with raisins and pine nuts makes a mouthwatering garnish.
  • For meat dishes, go for some chargrilled red peppers drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and crushed almonds. Red peppers have the most vitamin C of all vegetables (much more than oranges), which makes them a great bet for boosting iron uptake. A winning combination!
  • Say goodbye to boring pasta dishes with a simple tasty pesto, packed with all the goodness of nuts and basil.
  • Another great option for any dish is to bake some vegetables au gratin with walnuts and melted cheese on top. A sure hit with everyone—even those who usually run a mile when they see vegetables!
  • If you’re fed up of eating vegetables on their own, try making a vegetable and nut sauce, which makes an ideal garnish for roast meat or fish. Throw in your favourite mushrooms too!

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