Why do we love chocolate so much?

20 November 2018

If you regularly eat a little bit of chocolate every day, you’re highly likely, if not absolutely certain, to become hooked. Why? Well, the pleasurable rush you get every time you eat it is followed by mild withdrawal symptoms (feeling a bit more anxious, maybe?) when it runs out and you can’t get your daily dose. There’s a scientific explanation behind this: chocolate contains several chemical substances that produce similar effects to certain drugs, since they stimulate the nervous system and create pleasure, which can lead to addiction. 

One of these substances is anandamide, which creates a pleasant relaxed feeling ☺️. Another is enkephalin, which creates feelings of pleasure in the brain similar to that produced by opium and morphine  . And that’s not all: phenethylamine unleashes sensations linked by scientists to the feeling of falling in love  . And the texture of melting chocolate in the mouth releases endorphins, which lead to feelings of wellbeing and happiness  .

Moderation is the key.

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