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What kinds of olive oil can you find out there?

27 January 2020

Different kinds of perfect olive oil on a table next to some dishes

Olive oil is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and a true gastronomic gem. Whether raw (in dressings, preserves or emulsions, among others) or in cooking (for sautéing, candying or frying food, for example), this versatile wonder is a must in any kitchen. And it’s also incredibly good for your health. It’s no surprise that it’s won itself the nickname of “green gold”.

To meet people’s different tastes and needs, Borges offers a wide range of olive oils to thrill even the most demanding connoisseur. Take note:

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Made from a mixture of the top varieties of olives to produce a mild, balanced oil. Great for dressings, grilled food and vegetables.

Classic Oil
Add a delicate touch to your dishes and bring out all the flavours. Ideal for barbecues and roasts.

Fruity Oil
Has a distinctive flavour of ripe fruit, green almonds, freshly cut grass and tomatoes. Made from 100% Arbequina olives, its sweet edge brings out its natural characteristics. Fruity but mild!

Extra Light Oil
Brings out the natural flavour in dishes. Perfect for baking, sauces and frying.

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