Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oils specially indicated for dressing salads, grilled foods and vegetables

Blended oils

Borges selects only the best olive and seed oils to create a range of delicious blended oils with perfectly balanced flavors. Each of our blended oils bring together the key benefits of different Borges oils, making them suitable for a wide range of different uses and giving each one a range of unique advantages. Our thoughtful, careful, careful choice of oils offers maximum health benefits too, providing the optimum mix of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as key vitamins. Our oil blends are carefully crafted to bring out the key benefits of each Borges oil in the mix.

Seed oils

Obtained by crushing different kinds of seeds. Seed oils have important nutritional properties and suites any budget.


Modena, Specials, Of Wine... a comprehensive range of vinegars for dress, accompany or give a different touch to your dishes


Olives are renowned worldwide as an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. We at Borges have been bringing the finest olives to your table every day for generations. Enjoy them on their own as a sophisticated snack or appetizer or use them as an ingredient in one of the many authentic Mediterranean dishes. Borges offers only the finest quality olives, all cultivated in Southern Spain, where the vast majority of the world’s best table olives are grown.


All Borges pastas are produced in Italy using only superior quality100% durum wheat semolina to deliver the finest quality pasta. All of our pastas are high in protein so they never stick, never break and guarantee the perfect texture. In addition, all of them are cholesterol and trans fat free.

Olive leaf infusion

This olive leaf infusion is a one-of- a kind herbal drink that has twice the antioxidants compared of regular green tea, but unlike green tea, it has zero caffeine content.

Nut drinks

Borges Natura nut drinks, great tasting, 100% plant-based drinks packed with all de goodness of walnuts, almond or hazelnuts for you to enjoy at any time of the day. Ideal for health-conscious people eager to boost theur vegetable protein intake.

Nut and dried fruits

Wherever you are you can enjoy the incredible taste and nutritional value of Borges dried fruit and nuts. A very wide range for you to choose from. Discover their flavors!



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