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Nut and dried fruits

At Borges, we have substantial experience in making dried fruit and nuts.We carefully select our raw materials and manufacture our products in compliance with the strictest quality standards to guarantee the finest Borges products. Moreover, our farms and agricultural projects are our own, which increases our company’s know-how as an expert in dried fruit and nuts. We only use sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil in our production processes. At Borges, we are committed to guaranteeing sustainable and responsible agriculture and to using water resources appropriately. Our farms are certified with standards of good agricultural practices. In addition, we collaborate with the Global Nature Foundation to improve the biodiversity of our farms.

Borges Selection

Selection Snacks

Dried Seasonal Fruits


Borges Natura

En tu cocina

Borges Selection

The Borges Selection line is distinguished by the high quality, flavour and superlative origin of each dried fruit and nut

Shelled Walnuts

Unshelled Walnuts

Toasted Almonds

Almonds – fried and salted


Mixed Nuts



Selection Snacks

HEALTHY SNACKS IN A BIG WAY. The finest ingredients for a healthy, delicious snack.

Nuts mix

Salt water sunflower seeds

Unshelled Peanuts

Fried Corn Nuts

Dried Seasonal Fruits

HARVESTED AT JUST THE RIGHT RIPENESS. Dried in-season fruit, selected from the best harvests, dried to conserve all its nutrients for months and pre-serve all its minerals and vitamins. No added sugars, no saturated fats, gluten free and high in fibre. Perfect for cooking or snacking between meals as a natural and healthy source of energy

Seasonal Dates

Seasonal Dried Peaches

Seasonal Dried Plums

Seasonal Raisins


Pizarro Pistachios

Pizarro Hazelnuts (D.O. Reus)

Pizarro Marcona Almond

Pizarro Shelled Walnuts

Pizarro Unshelled Walnuts

Borges Natura

Anacardos crudos

Almendra cruda con piel

Almendra cruda repelada

Mix Antiox

Mix Equilibrio

Mix Omega 3

Mix Vitalidad

En tu cocina

Pasas de California

Ciruelas sin hueso

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