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Olives are renowned worldwide as an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. We at Borges have been bringing the finest olives to your table every day for generations. Enjoy them on their own as a sophisticated snack or appetizer or use them as an ingredient in one of the many authentic Mediterranean dishes. Borges offers only the finest quality olives, all cultivated in Southern Spain, where the vast majority of the world’s best table olives are grown.

Green olives

Black olives

Apero Range

Green olives

THE MOST DELICIOUS, CAREFULLY SELECTED GREEN MANZANILLA OLIVES. 100% SPANISH ORIGIN. Manzanilla olives are grown in groves near Seville. Greenish-brown in colour and oval-shaped, the olives are cured in brine, have a firm texture and slight almond flavour. Best used for salads, snacks, appetizers, cocktails and main courses.

Stuffed green olives with pepper

Sliced green olives

Pitted green olives

Whole green olives

Black olives

TASTY, FIRM AND JUICY BLACK HOJIBLANCA OLIVES. 100% SPANISH ORIGIN. The finest Hojiblanca olives from Spain, processed using traditional methods to capture and preserve the best flavour. Ideal for salads, pizza, and pasta as well as everyday snacking.

Sliced black olives

Pitted black olives

Whole black olives

Apero Range

MEDITERRANEAN SNACKING. A range of healthy nibbles with new, innovative marinades to enjoy at home. Cocktail olives packed with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. We select the plumpest, most succulent olives. With tastier recipes and more interesting recipes and Mediterranean flavours, they’re ideal for snack time. Doypacks are easy to carry and store, and they are brimming with health benefits and delicious olive flavour. Best used for Salads, snacks, appetizers, cock-tails and main courses.

Gourmet charm

Italian style

Garlic Mix

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