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A light new year’s eve menu

20 December 2018

Borges - New year eve menu

Wondering how to put together a mouthwatering New Year’s Eve menu that keeps the calories under control? Here’s a great idea for a full New Year’s Eve dinner that won’t trouble the bathroom scales.


Opt for Iberian cured ham and pork loin (which have less fat than other cold cuts), mild, soft cheeses (such as burrata, which may have less than half the fat of a cured cheese), vegetable crisps, sashimi, guacamole and, of course, seafood without any sauces that only serve to smother the flavour and add unnecessary calories.


Light vegetable lasagne
Sautee some spinach, raisins and pine nuts with fresh cheese and add salt and pepper to taste. Make a lovely and light Béchamel sauce by using extra-virgin olive oil instead of butter, and a light vegetable stock instead of milk. Go for a good-quality cheese for the au gratin finish. Et voilà! Not only a delicious starter, but a wonderful way to sneak in some vegetables at a time of year when they tend to get forgotten.


Roast pork tenderloin with apple, carrot and mint
Since pork tenderloin is nice and lean, you won’t have to worry about the calories, so long as you eat in moderation. While the meat is cooking in the oven, make a lovely and simple side garnish. Grate the apple and carrot and put them in a bowl with thin strips of mint. Make a sauce with olive oil, natural yogurt, salt and pepper and mix with the apple and carrot. Serve as a cold garnish to the pork.


After a meal like that, no one wants a heavy, filling dessert. How about arranging some orange segments on a plate before attacking a selection of Christmas sweets? One last tip: go easy on the nougat if you don’t want the calories creeping up.

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