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The perfect olive oil for every day!

24 February 2020

Different kinds of perfect olive oil on a table next to some dishes

Each and every Borges olive oil has been carefully crafted with particular needs in mind. Whether you’re enjoying olive oil raw or for cooking, no kitchen cupboard should be without it. Find out which is the best choice for each occasion, that is the perfect olive oil, and get ready to make some delicious recipes.

Extra-virgin olive oil
Especially good for dressings and grilling, thanks to its delicate personality. A mixture of different varieties of olives are blended together to create a well-balanced olive oil with a strong flavour. Makes a great finish to salads, vegetables and pasta dishes: an unbeatable flavour with the healthiest, most natural condiment there is.

Classic Olive Oil
The ideal olive oil for any recipe, since its delicate flavour won’t interfere with the ingredients in the dish. Try it on barbecues and roasts for extra-juicy, tasty meat and vegetables.

Fruity Olive Oil
This sweet olive oil (100% from Arbequina olives) brings out the best in any recipe with a delicate hint of fruit. Perfect for salads with any kind of fruit, as well as gourmet delights such as pear-and-cheese on toast and figs-and-foie on toast. Irresistible!

Extra-Light Olive Oil
This light, mild olive oil doesn’t alter the flavour of your dishes in any way. It’s the top option for baking, frying and making sauces with a light, tasty finish.

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