Three ideas for a laugh on April Fool’s Day

24 March 2021

Laughing and eating are two of life’s great pleasures. Why not combine them with these food-based pranks guaranteed to surprise everyone on April’s Fools Day?

A fake fried egg
How about delighting your loved ones with a special fried egg breakfast? Make them using Greek yogurt or cream cheese and apricot (it’s breakfast all the same, just not what they were expecting).

Cake that isn’t cake
Here’s the setup: you sit down for a meal and serve dessert as the first course. Then the real surprise comes. The base of the “cake” is actually meat, and the frosting is mashed potatoes with pink food coloring. You should probably have some real cake ready for dessert because they’re sure to be craving some.

And for dessert… chocolate!
Nope! It may look like chocolate, but it isn’t. It’s grapes! Need another idea? How about dipping Brussels sprouts in a chocolate coating and serving them like chocolate candies? What a kidder!

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