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Which olive oil do I choose?

24 October 2014


We all agree that olive oil is a culinary treasure: it’s a natural antioxidant, it prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps rising the “good” cholesterol. But what does each variety stands for? What is the use of flavored oils? Does it matter if it’s organic or not? Good questions. We will try to answer them all in a few lines.

We put ourselves in your shoes: you go to the supermarket and want to buy oil, but you don’t know which one to choose. The questions are: what are you going to use it for,  and which properties are you expecting to find? Once you are clear on this point, it all becomes easier. Anyway, don’t worry: whatever you choose you’ll be taking home the jewel of the Mediterranean diet, but please, make sure it’s Extra virgin!

I want a mild oil… choose Arbequina variety. A slight almond aroma with hints of green apple, makes it an elegant companion, able to go with seafood or fish, the same way it works a for that dessert you did not know if it would be okay using olive oil. An elegant olive oil. [Try our FRUITY]

I want a fruity oil… look for a Hojiblanca. We’re talking about an oil with personality, with some soft shades and fruity, but with some persistence on the palate. A Hojiblanca olive oil always brings personality to those dishes that need freshness and balance, without overshadowing the other ingredients. We are thinking of gazpacho, for instance. [Try our HARMONY]

I want a powerful oil… bet on Picual variety. If you’re looking for a strong oil which marks its territory, opt for a Picual. Powerful and with character, is the ideal choice when we’re looking for strong emotions. A vinaigrette? That will be perfect. A touch of nature in sausage or cheese? Add a splash and discover incredible new shades. [Try our CHARACTER]

I want an oil respectful with the environment… opt for an organic olive oil. Such oils are obtained from crops in which no chemicals are used, which are benefiting both soil (that does not suffer any aggression) and the consumer, to whose table comes a product with all its qualities in perfect condition. A sustainable oil. [Try our ECOLOGICAL]

I want a different oil… go for a flavored one. There are special occasions where we feel like giving a surprise to our guests, and this is a sure shot. For those certain times, there are flavored oils. They provide hints of garlic, basil, lemon, or ginger to a meal. Having flavored oils in the pantry is like having an entire deck of aces up your sleeve: the only thing you’ll have to decide is when and how we will use them. Have you ever thought your risotto recipe would taste so good with a touch of pepper oil? [Try our AROMATICS]

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