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Nutritional and healthy properties of pasta

14 January 2015


The truth about pasta: it does not fatten!

How many times, when you are beginning a diet, have you automatically banished pasta dishes? Big mistake. The widespread belief that pasta fattens is only a symptom of not knowing exactly their properties and nutrients, which are many by the way. Pasta not only can but must be part of a healthy diet.

Pasta is not fattening because it is not fat, like sauces or condiments with which me may accompany it. The intake of 100 grams of durum wheat pasta contributes with 350 calories, mostly carbohydrates which represent almost 15% of the needs of a person developing a physical activity. Therefore, pasta is more than a good option when choosing a low fat diet.

It also contains protein, minerals, water and a small portion of fat. Among its minerals, the most important ones for a balanced diet: calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. And it is also a source of vitamins.

Its high gluten percentage makes pasta a very satisfying (satiating) dish, which is an attractive issue when you are on a diet. It is also highly recommended when it comes to weight control because it contains cellulose, as this contributes to good intestinal transit.

Nothing is more revealing to dismantle myths than comparing different dishes: 100 grams of pasta simply dressed with extra virgin olive oil, tomato and a small portion of grated parmesan means just 500 calories, while scrambled eggs with ham or bacon, olive oil and rub fries over 1,000 calories.

The same applies if a pasta dish is compared (if you are on a diet, better serve it on a dessert plate) with a slice of cake, pie or sweets… Even drinks with sugar lose when we compare them with a good plate of pasta, since they substantially increase the calories contributions and have less than one-third of pasta nutrients.

As long as we talk about weight control or losing weight, proportion is the key, as well as controlling the amounts eaten. Therein lies the true essence of a diet,  and pasta, with the appropriate condiments, will help us there.

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