2019: What food will be all the rage in 2019?

2 January 2019

The lists of the latest foodie trends are here and several ideas stand out. So, what will we be eating this year? Read on…

Goodbye fats, hello healthy food

Healthy food, chiefly fruit and vegetables, will be the star of the dinner table this year. We’ll be taking care of ourselves both inside and out, and your shopping list will reflect this.

No to animal protein

Every year, there are more and more vegans and vegan restaurants, and more and more meat eaters are discovering the delights of light and delicate vegan pastries.

Keep it local

Local, seasonal produce will be king in a year when closer means better.

Alcohol free, please

Colourful, delicious alcohol-free cocktails are winning drinkers over in droves.

Rolls on a roll

Cinnamon rolls made a tentative appearance in 2018, and this year there’ll be no stopping them. Sorry, tarts.

Fermented, probiotic drinks

Kombucha was just the start… Give a warm welcome to the rest of the fermented family.

The best coffee

Coffee fans are now seeking specialists cafes all over the world where they can enjoy this wonder of nature, now getting the attention it deserves.

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