4 quick and easy recipes to prepare with kids

13 April 2015

Cooking and eating together. That’s the key for getting children to love food, try everything and learn to eat healthily. We don’t want any accidents in the kitchen, but it’s great to get kids involved in cooking and let their imagination run wild! They can mix ingredients together and present the finished dish. You’ll have a fantastic time with them in the kitchen, communicating, laughing, getting messy… and bonding.

Here are four quick and easy recipes to get family members of all ages involved in cooking.

Brioche with cream cheese, quince jelly and nuts

First you need to go to the bakery together to buy some brioches. Cut them open lengthways and spread cream cheese on them. Then add a thin layer of quince jelly and sprinkle some chopped nuts on top.

Quick sole

This time, a trip to the fishmonger’s to buy some sole: one 250 g fish for each diner. If you get the fishmonger to fillet the fish, you’ll have less work to do. At home, you need to salt and pepper both sides of the fish, squeeze a little lemon juice over them and put them in a microwave-safe dish with four knobs of butter (or a good dash of olive oil). Cover the dish tightly with Clingfilm and, with the help of a grownup, pierce it in several places to let the steam escape. Cook for four minutes at 900 W and ask a grownup to take the dish out of the microwave using oven gloves and to remove the Clingfilm. If the fish isn’t quite cooked, recover it and cook for another minute. Once it is done, serve with some raisins, pine nuts or a healthy salad.

Ice-cream lollipops with chocolate

Make some balls of vanilla (or any other flavour) ice cream using a soup spoon. Spear them with a wooden skewer and cover them quickly in cocoa powder, along with pistachios or corn nuts, if there’s time. Put the lollipops in the fridge for five minutes before eating.

Quick cheesecake

Beat four creamy Greek-style yoghurts with 200 g cream cheese, four eggs and 100 g sugar. Add the zest of one clean lemon and slowly add 40 g flour sieved from above. Mix well. Pour into a caramelised mould and microwave at 600 W until it sets.

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