3 ways to add extra-virgin olive oil to your vegetable soup

2 October 2018

It’s time to ring the changes: out with butter, in with extra-virgin olive oil. Swapping the saturated fats in butter for the (heart-friendly) unsaturated fats in extra-virgin olive oil for tastier, healthier vegetable soup. It’s all good, so what are you waiting for! Here are three failsafe tips:

1- Roast the vegetables in the oven before making the soup. Simply arrange them on an oven tray with a drizzling of extra-virgin olive oil and cook until golden in colour. Then add to water or, better still, vegetable stock, blend and you’re good to go!

2- Add a dash of aromatic olive oil at the end. Let your imagination run wild: experiment with different flavours of aromatic olive oils depending on your own tastes and that day’s vegetables. You’ll get a different soup every time!

3- Gently fry the vegetables in a little olive oil before making the soup. Simply gently fry the vegetables in a saucepan before adding the water or stock and you’ll soon taste the difference.

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