Basic precautions when it’s hot

11 August 2015

We should not underestimate the effects of summer heat and we need to take suitable precautions. High temperatures, the effects of the sun and the risk of dehydration make the summer months a time of high alert. Take note of the following four pieces of advice and be sensible in summer:

* Don’t go out in the sun and avoid physical activity in the middle of the day.

* Make sure you keep hydrated. Drink more water and fresh juices.

* Use sun creams with a high UVA rating.

* Wear light clothing made out of natural fabrics (cotton or linen) and light colours. Wear caps, hats, sunglasses with UVA filters and other accessories to protect you from sun.

* Take particular care of breastfed babies, toddlers under four, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, people with carers and people working outside or doing energetic sport.

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