Nutritional and gastronomic benefits of aromatic olive oils

4 December 2017

Aromatic olive oils are the source of many pleasures…. Here are fifteen to get you going.

1– They can change the flavour and personality of a dish completely. A vinaigrette made with an aromatic olive oil with soya and ginger will give your salad an Asian flavour, whereas one with fresh basil will conjure up an authentic Mediterranean air. If you’re looking to make a bolder statement, an aromatic olive oil with chilli pepper and cardamom will make quite an impression.

2– They’re great for your heart. Thanks to the extra-virgin olive oil used to make them, they are high in monounsaturated fats, good for your heart and for keeping cholesterol at bay.

3– They’re light. Although they aren’t low in calories, their intense flavour means you only need a tiny dash to give a dish a whole new lease of life. Sauces, on the other hand, are usually much heavier and higher in calories.

4– They are packed with polyphenols, whose antioxidant action helps fight cell ageing and combats the formation of cancerous cells.

5– They strengthen your bones, which is vital for people of a certain age.

6– They make your life easier! How? A dash of aromatic oil with fried garlic will go down a treat with a traditional spaghetti all’aglio e olio, providing all the flavour you need in a few seconds. All you have to do is cook the spaghetti, grate some Parmesan and you’re good to go.

7– You can travel the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. How about buying some pieces of feta cheese, a crispy lettuce and some fresh tomatoes and drizzling some aromatic olive oil with black olives on top? You’ll be whisked off to a Greek island in a trance.

8– They cut blood-sugar levels in diabetics.

9– They’re perfect for the whole family, including young kids. Aromatic olive oils introduce children to new flavours and offer parents an easy way to include them in their daily meals. In fact, regular consumption of olive oil is linked to a healthy weight in childhood.

10– They can spice up your sauces. Have you tried adding a dash of aromatic olive oil with lemon rind to your homemade mayonnaise? You’ll find it gives it a certain je ne sais quoi that will have your guests leaving seriously impressed.

11– You can use them instead of herbs and spices. If you find yourself without any fresh basil or rosemary—two key Mediterranean herbs you’ll need when making many Italian recipes or roasting meat—don’t worry! Aromatic olive oils with fresh basil or rosemary will save the day.

12– They awaken the senses. All good cooks know that delicious dishes are about more than just mouthwatering flavours. An appetising meal starts with tantalising sights and aromas, and there’s nothing better than an aromatic olive oil to whet your appetite before you’ve even taken a mouthful.

13– They’re inspired by Ferran Adrià, the world-famous chef who designed the range of Borges aromatic olive oils. Each and every drop contains the essence of this culinary genius, so your dishes can draw from his inspiration.

14– They’re good for your brain, which makes them perfect for combatting illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

15– And, most important of all, they’re delicious! Aromatic olive oils combine the flavour and texture of olive oil with the flavours and nuances of all kinds of ingredients from all over the world. Versatile and bursting with flavour!

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