How to make the most of cold pasta

27 June 2017

One excellent way of making sure you’ve got a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal even if you’re short of time is simply to cook a little extra pasta when you’re making a pasta dish. Once cool, it makes the perfect base for a whole range of delicious, multicoloured and very summery meals. Here are some suggestions for making the most of cold pasta:

Caprese salad with a pasta twist!
Good tomatoes (make of the most of summer while they are in season), mozzarella, fresh basil, pasta al dente (light, thin farfalle are great) and a good extra-virgin olive oil and, voilà!, a Caprese pasta salad packed with energy, vitamins and anti-oxidants to make you feel full and put a smile on your face.

Raw fish
Raw tuna or salmon, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, together with fusilli and your favourite fresh vegetables (carrots, beetroot, radishes…) make a tasty, nutritious, well-rounded meal.

Superfood salad
Seaweed, kale, avocado and other superfoods go wonderfully with cold pasta, together with other superfood toppings like chia and sesame seeds. An ideal dish for taking care of yourself inside and out by building on pasta’s neutral flavour and rich texture.

Protein-packed salad for vegetarians
Pasta salad with fresh tofu, avocado and nuts, finished off with a tasty balsamic glaze, delivers a fantastic protein boost without the need to eat meat or fish. And it’s also low in calories.

Pasta, feta cheese, some good black olives and an olive oil dressing, plus a tasty balsamic vinegar. You can also add some rocket or lamb’s lettuce to whisk you away to a Greek island.

It couldn’t be simpler. Some good pasta al dente and red or green pesto, depending on how you feel. Makes a tasty, healthy and nutritious meal in one.

Less is more
There’s no need to complicate things with fancy recipes to make a pasta salad. Simply see what you’ve got in the fridge to build on a pasta base. When the temperature outside rises and your body calls for minimal meals to give you the energy you need, try some cold spaghetti with tomato, carrot and fresh cheese, if possible. Finish off with an extra-virgin olive oil and honey vinaigrette to create a mouthwateringly light and refreshing dish.

With smoked fish
Pasta salad works just as well with smoked salmon or cod as with raw fish. Add some nuts and your favourite herb, such as basil or oregano.

Pasta Caesar salad
Take a Caesar salad to the next level by adding some cold pasta. With chicken, egg, breadcrumbs and Parmesan among its ingredients, this isn’t what you’d call a light salad, but, hey, there’s no harm in treating yourself for a day.

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