Pasta is your best ally

17 March 2020

There’s no end of good reasons to eat pasta.

Rich in fibre and with a low glycemic index, it helps you keep in shape and fight off hunger pangs between meals. Healthy eating was never so easy! And not only does it come in all shapes and sizes, but you can also cook it in lots of different ways with a whole range of sauces and condiments (check out our recipes). Eaten in moderation, pasta can become your best ally in your quest for healthy eating. Here are three great reasons for putting pasta on your plate:

1. To keep in shape

Too many people make the mistake of cutting out pasta when they’re on a diet. Wrong! Study after study has shown that starchy foods are not necessarily linked to putting on weight. Italian researchers even found that in a test group eating pasta was linked to a low body mass index. Participants ate moderate amounts of pasta, combined with other typical ingredients from the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, vegetables and fruit.

2. Packed with nutrients

Pasta is a great source of magnesium, vitamin B, proteins and fibre, especially wholegrain pasta and when cooked al dente. Thanks to its composition, it provides slow-release energy, which keeps hunger pangs at bay between meals and boosts intestinal transit. Ideal for sportspeople.

3. Easy to make and amazingly versatile

Pasta is a quick, healthy alternative to fatty and sugary ready meals. It goes well with grilled fish, meat and vegetables, olive oil and sauces made with healthy plant-based drinks or even with nuts. You can also experiment by cooking it in different ways: in soups, in a frying pan, in the oven or in a salad with cherry tomatoes, basil and flakes of Parmesan.

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