EVOO, liquid gold in your kitchen

9 December 2019

You might not know it, but you’ve probably got something worth its weight in gold in your kitchen cupboard: extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). We all agree that good health is more important than material possessions, don’t we? Well, EVOO couldn’t be any healthier. Or tastier. Two in one.

EVOO is rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps keep cholesterol at bay, as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s also anti-inflammatory, reduces blood pressure (take note, if you have high blood pressure), reduces blood sugar levels and offers protection against certain types of cancer (breast, prostate, endometrial and gastrointestinal cancer). Not to mention its culinary properties: it works wonders with any dish, either raw (in dressings, sauces, preserves and emulsions) or for use in cooking (sautés, stir-fries, stews, confits, pickles, roasts and for frying in general).

So, now you know, what’s it going to be? The jewellery shop or the supermarket? A gold ingot or a bottle of EVOO?

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