A tasty, healthy and easy appetiser for any party

17 December 2019

All those hours scratching your head trying to come up with impressive appetisers with fancy ingredients and you had the solution there all the time right under your nose. Quick, easy, tasty, elegant, refined and captivating. A real party-stopper. That’s right, we’re talking about extra-virgin olive oil, which can charm the socks off dinner guests. All you need to do is drizzle some on a plate (individual plates work best) and serve with a selection of gourmet bread.

That’s it! So track down some good-quality, long-fermented sourdough bread and you’ll be on to a winner: extra-virgin olive oil and bread, the Bonnie & Clyde of top appetisers. If you’re brave enough, why not make your own bread? With walnuts, sundried tomatoes, cereals, spelt, olives, cumin… What more could you ask for?

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