Dressings with a twist: have you tried these great ideas for vinaigrettes and balsamic glazes?

26 July 2017

Balsamic glazes and vinaigrettes aren’t just great in all kinds of salads, they also work wonders with many dishes that might not immediately spring to mind. Have you tried using them to caramelise food? Or for making mayonnaise? How about a dash in some guacamole? Here are ten ways to make the most of your balsamic glazes and vinaigrettes from the two new foodies on the block, Àlvar and Coque. Who, I hear you ask? None other than the stars of the new light-hearted series on the Borges website designed to get people creative in the kitchen by sharing some original new recipes. Thanks to them and their knockout dishes, your cooking just got a whole lot more exciting!

1- Pickling. Modena vinaigrette and Pedro Ximénez balsamic glaze are fantastic for pickling meat or fish. You’ll need to use a generous amount to get a strong flavour, but even a dash adds an original, elegant touch.

2- Caramelising. Caramelised walnuts and hazelnuts are an ideal snack for any occasion, especially if you caramelise them at home with a dash of either raspberry balsamic glaze (for a lightly golden finish) or Modena balsamic glaze (for a darker finish). Walnuts like an added dollop of butter and honey in the saucepan, while hazelnuts are best caramelised with water and sugar, plus your balsamic glaze of choice.

3- Mayonnaise. A dash of apple balsamic glaze will give your homemade mayonnaise a fresh twist.

4- Homemade yogurt sauce. Modena and apple balsamic glazes are the perfect partners for yogurt in salads, sandwiches, white meat and fish. Make sure to use sweetened yogurt.

5- Vegetable soups. A big favourite in many homes—served cold in summer and hot in winter—vegetable soups love balsamic glazes. Try some Modena or Pedro Ximénez balsamic glaze to your carrot and pumpkin soup, or maybe your courgette and pea soup. It blends in smoothly and gives your recipes a new lease of life.

6- Olive dressing. You’ve run out of ideas for what to serve when friends come over for drinks on a Sunday, but help is at hand. Simply mix some tasty olives with any Borges vinaigrette, et voilà, a quick-and-easy snack that makes a great appetiser!

7- Vegetable salads. Chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese… and a dash of apple or Modena balsamic glaze to make a fresh vinaigrette with extra-virgin olive oil and your favourite herbs. A tasty, nutritious and very original meal in one.

8- Roast meat. Vinaigrettes work a treat with roast meat. Rabbit with herbs, roast quail, pork chops, meat brochettes, chicken wings… the list is endless, but they’ve all got one thing in common: the flavours of the vinaigrette and the Modena or Pedro Ximénez balsamic glazes soak into the meat to create a mouthwatering meal.

9- Steamed mussels. There’s a thousand and one ways to steam mussels and they’re always delicious. Here’s one idea: spring onion, parsley, black pepper, a bay leaf, Modena vinaigrette and Pedro Ximénez balsamic glaze. Food of the gods.

10- Tartare and carpaccio dishes. One great idea is to swap the soy sauce in tuna tartare for Modena vinaigrette or Pedro Ximénez balsamic glaze. For salmon, replace the lemon with apple balsamic glaze, and the soy sauce with Pedro Ximénez balsamic glaze. Beef tartare and beef carpaccio are irresistible with Modena balsamic glaze.

Want to keep up with all the latest ideas for adding balsamic glazes to your recipes? Follow Àlvar and Coque’s tips on their YouTube account.

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