Family handicrafts with pasta

25 May 2016

The weekend is fast approaching and it’s time to make plans for kids’ activities. How about an afternoon of family handicrafts? Painting, sticking, drawings and letting your imagination run wild with some fusilli and tempera colours is what this activity is all about.

Mirror, mirror…

To start, you’ll need a piece of untreated wood and a small mirror. Stick the mirror onto the wood leaving enough space around it to form a frame for the children to decorate with glee. While the glue is setting, get painting the spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni and farfalle with tempera colours, glitter, etc. as the work of art takes shape. Once the pieces of pasta are dry, arrange them on the frame around the mirror to create an original pattern. Once you’re done, stick them on, let them dry and hang it up!

Macaroni necklaces and bracelets!

If you’ve got fashion-conscious kids, why not get them to design their own jewellery? They can make charms out of macaroni painted with tempera colours and decorated with felt-tip pens. They’ll find it easiest to thread them onto wool.

Imagining with farfalle

You can give your creativity free rein with these little bowtie-shaped pieces of pasta. Butterfly wings, hair bows, flowers… they can be whatever you want. For example, you could make a collage on card by sticking on farfalle and drawing in between them, or turn the farfalle into originally designed counters for a game of noughts and crosses.

Personalised pencil holders

Let’s carry on painting and decorating pasta—this time with macaroni, because their rounded shape means we can work on curved surfaces. Here we’re going to personalise a pencil holder for a desk. We’ll reuse an old can or tin: first clean it thoroughly and then bend in the sharp edge with a pair of pliers and cover with fabric tape. Line it with coloured foam rubber and stick on the decorated macaroni.

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