A healthy Christmas salad

17 December 2019

Here’s a little secret for a lighter, healthier Christmas menu: go green. You don’t have to wave goodbye to your lamb, turkey, seafood and other showstopper recipes that are usually at the centre of any Christmas lunch or dinner; you just need to work in some vegetables as well. That way you’ll eat smaller portions of calorie-packed dishes almost without realising it.

So, instead of eating half a kilo of suckling pig, why not take a smaller portion of meat with an appetising fennel side salad, for example? This elegant dish not only makes for a lighter meal, but also refreshes your palate and burnishes your reputation as gourmet hosts.

To make it, simply slice some apples, mix with very fresh fennel, grate some walnuts on top and drizzle with a dash of aromatic olive oil with lemon zest. Top off with a little fresh dill and a pinch of salt.

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