Healthy desserts, with nut drink!

15 January 2019

So, you’re a big fan of vegetable beverages such as almond, walnut and hazelnut drink, but you’re not sure how to make the most of them beyond putting them in your tea and coffee. Well, it’s time to give your imagination free rein and trying using them in your desserts. Here are some ideas:

Crème caramel. A vegetable drink adds a lovely subtle nutty flavour to this egg-and-vanilla delight. Be warned: they won’t last long…

Chocolate mousse. This vegan version of an all-time favourite will go down a treat with young and old alike. Simply swap cow’s milk for vegetable drink and tuck in!

Strawberry and banana smoothie. Smoothies aren’t just for teatime or snacks between meals. Mix some strawberries and bananas (or any other fruit that takes your fancy) with some vegetable drink and you’ve got a wonderful light dessert. Top off with some grated nuts and you’re good to go.

Rice pudding. Another dessert just begging for vegetable drink instead of cow’s milk. Tasty and light.

Panna cotta. The queen of Italian desserts (perhaps alongside tiramisu) can also be made with vegetable drink. Once you’ve tasted it, there’s no going back.

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